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One micro-step at a time

As a 2x Suicide Survivor, I want you to fully experience the life you have been created for. I am a living testimony that there is hope and recovery even when you feel like you or your family, friends are in the deepest darkest place.
Your journey towards a better way of life begins today.


Meet The Real English Elaine

From Awareness To Action

As a 2x suicide survivor, I left my +30-year Corporate America experience to focus energy on my passion and purpose  - helping people improve Mental Health & Wellbeing so they can live the life they have been created for. 

You will hear me say, "the last time I looked my head and body are connected."
Success in mental health & wellbeing is to look at the whole person, rather than one area.
For some people, like me, medication is part of the solution, for most, not so*.

Every single individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back. I'm here to help you in your refreshed journey. Through expert advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be excelling in a way you never thought possible.
Book a consultation today to explore the change you’ve been seeking,
so that you can put it into action - one micro-step at a time. 

Author of, My Crazy Summer a memoir, God Medication and Me, tells the story of my first suicide attempt in 2014.

It describes the tension between faith and medication together with the importance of 'being real.'
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Another book is in the works to be published in 2022 - this describes my second suicide attempt in September 2020. It shows that although I relapsed, I recovered.
This means recovery continues to be possible and there is always hope. This book supports "From Awareness to Action". It will be a workbook, discussion guide (still TBD) however, it is intended to be a resource to help others to move from a place where they may feel stuck to experiencing joy.

For me, the most important designation I have is EBE. Expert By Experience. I have a wealth of professional training, AND I also have THE experience. This makes me one of the small percentages of people who can say this.  

I’m on a mission to end mental health stigma and save lives so that mental illness and suicide become as common a topic of conversation as physical illness. Can "S" become the next initial like C in the "Big C" or "LGBTQ"?


A member of NAMIGO (National Alliance on Mental Illness - Greater Orlando Chapter), I’m a Certified Peer2Peer Specialist and a Certified Speaker for In Our Own Voice. I’m able to provide services in my local community, as an Independent Contractor with Be Free Lake Inc.


A certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor through the National Council of Mental Well-being, I deliver programs for Adults, Fire & EMS, Public Safety.

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*Any changes should be made in consultation with your doctor.

1 on 1 coaching


Everyone has patterns and behaviors that hold them back. Through expert advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be excelling in a way you never thought.


The Real English Elaine will come alongside you to guide you to fulfill your human potential. During an initial free consultation, together we will determine fit, and the key areas of focus for refreshing your journey.

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If you are looking for a speaker to inspire you, your team, your organization to take the steps necessary to create desired change, The Real English Elaine can serve you.


My authentic and vulnerable stories of resilience and grit provide the energy you need to start taking the micro-steps towards success. 

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mental health first aid


Let's make Mental Health First Aid as common as CPR.


Mental Health First Aid is a skills-based training course that teaches participants about mental health and substance-use issues until professional treatment is obtained or the crisis resolves.


Upon completion, each participant will receive a 3-year recognized national certification.

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The Real English Elaine has a passion for the "corporate professional". I bring the benefit of my 30+ years of corporate experience, lived experience, and research finding to not only raise awareness she also wants to create a call to action.


Prevention is better than cure. Depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion each year in lost productivity*. Imagine if together we can make a dent in this number. 

Workplace wellbeing programs will be co-created in a collaborative manner to meet the culture of the business. 

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Amit Nangalia_edited.png

Amit N.
Director of Programs,

I had the pleasure of facilitating PwC Advisory Start training courses with Elaine for close to a year. I found Elaine to be one of the most positive and energetic facilitators to work with. The attendees always took to her charming British accent and trivia. She has a unique ability to deliver content in a way that engages large audiences, while also being vulnerable to build trustworthy relationships with individual participants. The year I spent co-facilitating with Elaine was very enjoyable and I learned a lot from her. 

Erin Webb_edited.png

Erin W.
Director of Programs NAMIGO

Elaine joined NAMI Greater Orlando (NAMIGO) and jumped right in! She is a wonderful public speaker shown by her headlining as a keynote speaker at one of our signature programs - NAMIGO Talks. Elaine also shares her personal story as an In Our Own Voice presenter which further highlights her skill set as an outstanding speaker. In addition to speaking, Elaine has been certified as a NAMI Peer-to-Peer Teacher where she will expand on living well with a mental health condition through lecture, discussion, interactive exercises, and stress management techniques. We are blessed to have such a strong, impactful member and volunteer as part of our organization.

Paul Joyce_edited.png

Paul J.
Executive Director,
Queens University

I’ve known Elaine for many years, as her client, employer, co-worker, and friend. She is a consultant, coach, and advisor who displays a passion for her work and a level of empathy and care for others that is rich and sincere. She is passionate about mental health and the well-being of others. If ever you are looking for help that is both professionally competent and attentive to the needs of others, you’ll find your answer with Elaine Sephton.

Joe Machicote.jpg

Joseph M.
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Premier Inc.

Elaine is a highly-skilled professional with the outstanding ability to move both people and organizations forward. She has an incredible ability to build solid, long-term relationships with individuals and teams with great attention to process and detail. An accomplished organizational development expert and author, Elaine’s journey into the world of mental health is a natural progression for her skills, capabilities, and talents as well as her character. I highly recommend Elaine as a holistic expert on humanity.

Terri O_edited.png

Teri O.
Savvy Senior
HR Leader
Queens University

Elaine has countless facets to who she is - consummate professional, learned and knowledgeable consultant, trusted advisor, good friend. In this latest phase of her journey, she’s chosen to open the curtain and share what people have learned to keep a deep, dark secret. She’s chosen to talk about her own suicide attempts with the goal of helping others. While Elaine may downplay the courage such a decision takes, I applaud her in how she’s chosen to approach this previously forbidden topic – with the same grace, caring, and humility she lives her life. Elaine’s comfort with talking about her suicide attempts allows her audience to be comfortable themselves, to listen, to learn. Elaine’s is a message that needs to be heard. 

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